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The center of the Active Games IT architecture is the MGP (multi gaming platform) module  that allow operators to integrate all the games and communicate in real time gaming data to the regulator with one simple and quick integration. Although a new game could sometimes require one or two more additional info to be sent to the regulator, with MGP once the first integration is done the operators will be able to offer all the games that Active has / will integrate with almost no IT effort.

The point of strength of MGP is that it has been conceived for the Italian market, and because of this it is not a game account in itself; the integration is simple and the operators can keep having the data of their players in their own game accounts and/or using external game accounts (Active is already linked to all the gaming account suppliers working in Italy).

Another advantage of MGP is that, even if conceived rather recently, has already integrated  almost 40 operators and so is very stable and there is a detailed documentation that has been updated during time; this allows operators to benefit from a long experience in addressing all the peculiarities that could come out during the testing.

The operators are also not obliged to have all the products and can keep having one or more proprietary products or buy a product they like from another supplier. This solution is often used for products such as betting, while for the products that requires liquidity (casino jackpot, bingo, poker, openfacepoker, betting exchange) almost all the customers take advantage of MGP; MGP means no upgrade each time the authority change the protocols and a continuous flow of new products with no need to perform and maintain the integration with each supplier. Mgp also means to have personalized products (Active works with the suppliers to adapt the products to Italy) and marketing and product assistance based on the network experience (i.e. which casino / slots for which target).

For the customers not having a game account and/or that needs also other modules, Active also offers:

  • The game account (ewallett module ) developed according to antinmoney laundering and the other several compliance issues (responsible game module) and including the SOGEI interface for game account (PGAD module) to communicate in real time game account information to the regulator;
  • Backoffice (backoffice module). Backoffice module allow to see details of each account with all personal details and gaming, deposits, withdrawal, access history. There is also a financial section that monthly give all needed financial info according to Italian account principles. Part of the backoffice is the banking module that generates files for massive bank transfer payment of winnings;

  • Affiliation (affiliation module). This simple module can do all and only the critical functions, like tracking player by means of a dedicated link and managing both rev share and cpa. There is a daily report via email with acquisition details and with a weekly and monthly email recap with billing summary and info. The module manage affiliation networks;

  • Loyalty (loyalty module). A traditional loyalty system, used on Poker and sometimes on Bingo;

  • Promo System (promo module). This is a multidimensional promo system with sign-up and deposit bonus (% of deposit with a cap of fixed amount) specific for each product (bingo, casino, poker, skill games, lotteries) or flat for all products. Other promo features are included directly in the products, such as in poker the leaderboards and the “istant promo” (allow to give bonus to players based on events like the hands they had) and in casino the bonus with wagering requirements (that must be inside the platform of the casino supplier to take advantage of the no tax – fun bonus regulation);

For the customers  that wants to have a white label “turn key” solution, the core platform has also integrations with external module to manage:

  • payments (payment module) by means of Concardis Gmbh that enables to manage payments through visa, mastercard, paypal, paysafe. This platform has an antifraud module supporting key fraud score/parameters and 3DSecure, and has a complete reporting tool with real time data. We could integrate other platform on request;
  • CRM (crm module) by means of either contact Lab or another similar tool ; both tools select the customers depending on the key parameters imported by DB (i.e. last access time, anagraphic data and so on) and send emails, SMS or produce lists to call them over the phone. Contact lab has also antispam content check and a complete reporting tool with real time data. We can also offer assistance to integrate mobile solutions such as airpush;

  • Antimoney laundering (AML module) by means of MIT ; this tool allow to can write AML data into AML DB in Bank of Italy, activity mandatory for a licensee every 15 days;

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