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Active Games Casino’s approach is to offer only products that we believe could be successful in Italy. We continuously scout for new products, and we currently offer two options: Net Entertainment, World Match, Microgaming and Nyx:

Why choose Netent?

Net Entertainment Casino, one of the most important International casino companies, is a company dedicated only to casinos, with over 200 people focused on evolving it.
It includes a wide range of high-quality games, based on the latest technology and on a platform for casino operation and management. But more important, the quality is proven by facts: NetEnt is one of the best rated among Italian customers and currently the leading independent platform in the Italian market.
To power a successful casino you need an extensive range of top performing content and a smart management tool. NetEnt CasinoModule is a complete gaming solution comprising exactly that; world-class thrilling games and a powerful back office.

With, over 70 Slot Machines and 20 other games, our offer is perfect for your business:

Why choose World Match?

World Match is a product tailored to meet the Italian needs, offering some flexibility options that only a small company can offer,  thus being the perfect match to NetNet international offer.
Other than a very solid suite of slots and games, World Match offers unique client personalized options, and great flexibility in jackpots:

  • Over 40 Slot Machines (over 30 with jackpots), with its state-of-the-art technology, innovative features, stunning HD graphics with resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio.
    Original sounds and music enhance the emotion and excitement that are at the core of their success.
    The connection with the most popular Social Networks allows players to share game highlights with friends, without leaving the game.
  • A huge variety of Table Games, such as Black Jack, Punto Banco and several exclusive games: Gloden Falsh, 3BetsPoker and many others, with cutting-edge graphics and amazing ergonomics.
  • World Match designed all the variants of Roulettes with cutting-edge graphics and amazing ergonomics. Visibility is at its best: no-compromise in graphics for a perfect view of the table and gaming info.
  • Roulette HD is available in three different game types: Fair Roulette (or European), American and French, to match all your needs and expectations and give you the excitement of a real Casino;
  • All the variants of Video Poker games currently available on the market, with state-of-the-art tevhonology and great graphics. All the Video Poker games are equipped with the visual History function: an easily accessible and intuitive option that displays the requested game-hand on video, with fully detailed list of bets, winnings and losses and corresponding date and time.

Why choose Microgaming?  (available from April 2016)

Microgaming offer offer is one of the largest and most diverse portfolio of casino games in the industry, and host the biggest and most popular names, from Terminator 2™, The Dark Knight Rises™ and Playboy to Jurassic Park™, Game of Thrones™ and Bridesmaids™. Licensed branded content differentiates our operators in the marketplace, just as our progressive jackpots keep players coming back for more.

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